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Guaranteed’s Green Initiatives.
In 2012 Guaranteed introduced near-paperless processing to its back office operations. Our proprietary document management system saves times, improves document accuracy, and in 2012 alone will save 144 trees.
         Guaranteed Subpoena Service, Inc. has distinguished itself as a national process serving company since its very inception in 1982. Its founder and current president, Philip Geron created an industry out of what was once a mom and pop business. The first in the nation to have a no serve/no charge concept. Having a Federal Registration on the phrase "if we don’t serve it, you don’t pay". Guaranteed led the way while all others followed. It’s no wonder that Guaranteed is the largest and the most successful servers of civil process in the United States.
         Responsible for eight (8) changes to the Rules of Court in New Jersey which began in 1992 and testifying four (4) times before the Supreme Court to accomplish its intended goals. Guaranteed continues to create through initiative actions and lobbyist, progress toward more changes that help the industry and the legal community which benefits by its actions.
         Aware and conscience of the fact that service is a key factor to any successful business, Guaranteed put in place impeccable credentials to support its efforts. Listed with Dun and Bradstreet, meeting the standards of trust of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and meeting the standards of compliance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Guaranteed is most likely the only process serving company to hold these and other credentials.
         As part of our background and accomplishments we are certified in New Jersey as an Equal Opportunity Employer. We know of no other process serving company to be so distinguished. Guaranteed currently serves the process for the Attorney General’s Office, Housing Authority, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Authority, Occupational Safety and Health Authority, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Aviation Authority, the U.S. Attorney General’s Office and others.
         We have among many of our achievements been honored as the BEST* process servers in New Jersey by independent polls conducted by American Lawyers Media (ALM) every year the poll was conducted. We have also been voted the BEST process servers in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut the only other known states where these polls are conducted. No other company has ever been so distinguished.
         Guaranteed is not only the BEST, it is also the LARGEST servers of process anywhere. We were among the first to computerize its systems providing on-line status and giving the client the ability to print proofs of service and billing information including invoices and statements from their computers 24/7 with a Web I.D. Utilizing over five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) of on-site technology, fifty two (52) work stations and a staff of seventy-eight (78) it’s no wonder we are always voted the BEST. We were the first to offer GPS co-ordinates on served process, attempts which are unlimited and flat rates with no hidden cost. Ours and your information is all collected and stored on a cloud for protection. We make no qualms about the fact that if you are not using us, you should. Fully insured and bonded for the protection of our clients, no one even comes close to who and what we are.
         We should be your only choice. No one even comes close.

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1. Is your process server certified as an equal opportunity employer? We Are

2. Is your process server compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS)? We Are

3. Has your process server ever been voted the best process server in NJ, NY, CT & PA? We Have

4. Does your process server have a Document Retention and Destruction Policy in place? We Do

5. Is your process server licensed to complete searches in accordance with the Private Detective Act of 1939? We Are

6. Is your process server a part of the Constable’s Office of New Jersey? We Are

7. Is your process server fully insured for liability, errors and omissions and workmen’s compensation? We Are

8. Does your process server employ mobile printers for their process servers? We Do

9. Does your process server utilize the best technology to track your process? We Do

10. Does your process server provide you with a Web ID to determine the status of your process? We Do

11. Does your process server employ a research firm to measure due diligence on work performed? We Do

12. Does your process server supply you with GPS coordinates for attempts and serves? We Do

13. Does your process server have a live person answering their phones if and when you call 24/7? We Do

14. Are your process servers giving their process servers a continuing education and training program on a scheduled basis? We Are

15. Does your process server serve over 3000 documents on any given day? We Do

16. Does your process server consistently serve over 40 percent of their work on the same day received? We Do

17. Can your process server state that they effected eight (8) rule changes to the Rules of Court? We Can

18. Has your process server ever testified before the Supreme Court with reference to the service of process? We Have

19. Does your process server maintain a law library and The Gann’s Rules of Court in their office? We Do

20. Does your process server have an office? We Do

21. Is your process server archiving all the process you send to them and have the ability of reprinting without having you send it again? We Are

22. Does your process server respond to your calls and complaints immediately? We Do

23. Can your process server honestly say that everything they do for you was learned not using Guaranteed Subpoena Service as their template?

24. Does your process server give you enough time to pay or do they pressure your for payment? We Do

25. Does your process server serve ALL your process on a no serve, no charge basis? We Do

26. Does your process server send you fax and email confirmations once they receive and serve your process? We Do

27. Does your process server carefully review your work before it is sent out for service and contact you with any questions or mistakes. We Do

28. Can your process server really say that the process was served and "we can prove it"? We Can


We can, we do and we are complying with all of the above. If your process server does not, cannot or isn’t on any above question asked they should not have your process.







How to Choose a Process Server (and be happy with that decision!)

Choose a process server on the basis of these six things:
1. Experience: How long have they been doing this? About 90% of the process servers currently in business today will be out of business within 18 months. You will usually find them as promising to ‘beat any rate’ or making extravagant promises they are incapable of making. Experience equals success in getting papers served.
2. Customer Service: Everyone talks about it. But few really have it. How quickly does your process server respond to an inquiry? How important does your piece of work seem to them? Do real, live people answer the phone? Can you check on the status of your process online? Is your process server responsive to the specific instructions you give them? In the event of a non-serve, do they offer advice or services that will help turn that non-serve into a serve? Do they file your affidavits on a timely basis? Heck, do they get to your work at all on a timely basis?
3. Systems: Organizing, tracking and staying on top of service requires the appropriate IT systems. If your server is staying in business with a ledger, pencil and old laptop computer and prefers you mail documents (not fax, email, FTP or stream material to you) you can be sure information currency and accountability is going to be low.
4. Due Diligence: As professional as the back office needs to be, the actual process server needs to be professional as well, with the process service agency continually monitoring and tracking process server activity. Ask the candidate for your business if they have any program of due diligence to ensure professional demeanor and timeliness of service. If the agency doesn’t know what you mean, they are saying plenty.
5. Pricing: Yes, they should be competitive. A select few will offer pricing on a "no-serve/no-charge" basis -- an additional impetus to get papers served. Most will offer flat fees for normal service, and all will charge additional amounts for rush service, out of state service, waiting time (i.e., at a state penitentiary) and filings. Some will offer courier services and investigative services. Don’t make decisions on the basis of $5 differences. Make them on the basis of all five OTHER drivers first.
6. Validation: Many servers fill out their serve information at their leisure, relying on memory as to who they saw, and the time and date of service. Ask whether your server uses PDAs that capture the exact time/date of the serve. This could be extremely valuable in a traverse hearing, especially if the claim is the server never showed up.

Work with your server. Whatever information you can provide that will increase the chances of success, provide it.